The 2022 Area 4 Envirothon Competition will be in person on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

Location: Warrenton Armory

***The Area IV Envirothon COVID policy will be sent out to all registered teams at least two weeks prior to the competition.

NC Envirothon Student of the Week

Every year our Envirothon students put forth extra effort to participate in Envirothon to further their knowledge of conservation. The last couple years have taken even more extra effort than usual for our students to remain involved. In order to recognize our Envirothon students for their hard work and to showcase their many talents and accomplishments, please share this information for the NC Envirothon Student of the Week

with your Envirothon Advisors and ask them to share with their students. The link will also be posted on our NC Envirothon website.

Students wishing to be featured as a NC Envirothon Student of the Week (click here to apply) will complete a short form to nominate themselves. Students will be selected randomly, however preference will be given to nominations with complete and thoughtful answers. If selected, a graphic featuring the student will be shared on the NC Envirothon Facebook and Instagram pages. An email notice will be sent to the student, advisor, and home District so that you can be on the lookout and share the post. Districts are encouraged to share the posts on their local social media pages.

The short form will consist of the following questions. Answers can be brief to just a couple sentences.

  • Student’s Name and Email

  • County/Soil and Water Area (There is an I don’t know option just in case)

  • School Name/Advisor Name and Email

  • Current Grade

  • Envirothon Team Name

  • Do you special in a certain topic?

  • How long have you participated in Envirothon?

  • Why did you join Envirothon?

  • What is a favorite Envirothon memory?

  • What fact have you learned from Envirothon that has stuck with you?

  • How had Envirothon impacted you?

  • What are your plans after high school?

  • Students wishing to include a picture are given instructions to email a photo.

We have AWESOME Envirothon students so let’s share about the success and dedication of our future conservationists!