Competition Rules

1.       A team cannot participate at the state competition without qualifying at the Area IV Envirothon. The top 7 High School teams and the top 7 Middle School teams with the highest cumulative score on the written exams will qualify and advance to the North Carolina Envirothon Competition. If an FFA Team is not in the top seven High School scoring teams, then Area IV will acknowledge the top scoring FFA Team as qualifying for the State Competition thus making a total of 8 High School teams eligible to advance to the State Competition. If an FFA High School team is included in the initial top 7 High School scoring teams, then there will be only 7 High School teams to advance to the State Competition who will represent Area IV.

2.       Students in High School and Middle School are eligible to compete.

3.       Middle school teams (grades 5-8) compete against other middle school teams only. High school teams (students enrolled in grades 9-12 who also reach age 14-19 by August 8 of the current competition year) compete against other high school teams only. Non-traditional schools and youth organizations must follow the grade level and age limitations as described above

4.      Each team shall consist of three-five students from the same middle/high school, non-traditional school or youth organization, such as 4-H, science or Envirothon clubs. (Updated 8/2017)

5.      Each team will consist of three - five members and HS teams should be aware of the following rule regarding team members who go on to compete at the NC Envirothon:

    Rule #4 of High School Rules,

    Only high school teams with five members will be allowed to place at the state level after final scoring.  High school teams with less than five members may qualify for highest scoring individual station awards, though team must have a minimum of 3 members to participate (See Rule 3). Only a high school team with five members can be qualified to advance to the NCF Envirothon (

    a. Teams competing for the NC FFA Environmental and Natural Resources Career Development Event must follow NC FFA rules regarding the number of team members to qualify as the winner of the FFA Contest.

6.       Each team may list 3 alternates on the registration form who may be substituted for team members at the Area Event. Alternates listed from the same school may substitute for any team member from that school. A team advisor and/or a Soil and Water Conservation District Representative must accompany teams to the competition.

7.       During the competition, the advisors may observe the teams, but only from a designated spectator area.

8.       The advisor shall not assist their team in any way during the competition. During the testing competition, the advisors may not travel with the teams. No advisors or spectators are allowed in testing areas.

9.       Advisors will be responsible to assure that teams display proper conduct during the competition and at the host facility. Students are responsible for following school conduct rules.

10.    Drugs, alcohol and tobacco products are NOT permitted during any part of the competition. (Rules applicable to the local area will be adhered to as well.)

11.    No clothing or other identification of local schools, towns, cities, or counties will be permitted. Please dress appropriately for weather conditions.

12.    All identification keys or materials to be used will be furnished by the Area IV Envirothon Committee.

13.    The winning team will be the team with the highest cumulative point total. In the case of a tie, ties will be broken using the last five tie-breaker questions at the end of each test, going alphabetically through the five subject areas. We will start with Aquatics and end with Wildlife. The first question to be missed that the other team gets correct will break the tie. If a tie cannot be broken with this method, we will start with the first question on each test in the same alphabetical order as before and compare tests. The first question to be missed that the other teams get correct will break the tie.

14.    After registration on the day of the event, team members may not be substituted unless it is an emergency.

15.    All grievances must be reported to an Area IV Grievance Committee member before final judging. 

16.    The Grievance Committee's decisions are final on all events.

17.    Advisors must bring the original team members’ health form on the day of the competition. The Area IV Envirothon Committee Registrar must have original signatures on the medical consent forms before participation in the event.

18.   The captain and 1 advisor from each team will be allowed to view the test questions and answers at the end of the competition. However, photographing the test answer boards is strictly forbidden.

19.    If the winning team cannot represent the area at the NC Envirothon, the next highest scoring five-member team will be eligible to compete. 

20.   Rules and regulations of the Area IV and NC Envirothon are subject to change. Any and all changes will be explained in advance to all teams and advisors.

21.    Students may not carry any personal items including purses, backpacks, cell phones. Exceptions will be made for chairs. If there are special needs, please have your advisors contact the host county. We encourage participants to bring bag chairs or portable stools to use during the event.




updated 11/15/22